Our Collaborators

Our Collaborators

CFx Comics

CFx Comics is a firm which specializes in development communication message. CFx Comics publishes comic books, which address issues regarding gender empowerment, civic education, literacy and democratic values. With its help, NGP was able to produce a comic strip of its own which depicted the situation of the underprivileged children at our internship schools and our second book displayed the contrasting ways in which the poor and rich spend their Ramadan.


Representatives of Waseela (an NGO working against child abuse) were invited to two of summer internships to carry out seminars for the underprivileged children studying in those schools. The children were provided with colorful booklets that talked about their fifty rights as kids and empowered them to speak up if those rights were ever violated. Charts were hung up in every classroom and interactive activities with the students helped them be more confident and forthcoming about their problems.

Parbat Foundation

Parbat Foundation is a Lahore-based NGO working towards women empowerment since 2009. NGP collaborated with Parbat for its Children of Hope Project. The project was a one week teaching program at the Govt. Girls High School, Gopal Nagar.

Master Ayub

Mohammad Ayub Khan (Master Ayub) is a Pakistani educator, philanthropist and civil servant who is known for spending his after-job hours and weekends teaching students in an open-air school in Sector F-6, Islamabad. Team NGP approached Mr. Ayub and raised funds in order to equip over 200 of his students with stationery and notebooks at his school in Islamabad.

Charkha Welfare Foundation

Charkha Welfare Foundation is an educational and vocational training institute for the less privileged, disabled people in Pakistan. NGP’s Project Street School held its first class of the year at the Charkha Welfare Foundation School on Bedian Road. Teaching children enrolled in the school as well as others from the surrounding area, volunteers gave introductory lessons in different subjects as well as conducting an ice-breaking games class. Moreover, as part of their CBR programme volunteers from NGP conducted surveys in the area and raised awareness about the services they were offering.

Zimmedar Shehri

Zimmedar Shehri, much like NGP, is a youth-driven NGO working towards community building and development in Pakistan. The two organizations collaborated in the 2014 IDP Relief Campaign, which focused on providing relief supplies to people displaced by the military operation, Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

Progressive Education Network

Following tradition, the students of the School of Technical Sciences, Gohawa and the Govt. Girls High School, Gopal Nagar wanted to pursue careers that provided immediate gratification. Due to a lack of knowledge and exposure, they wished to become ​tandoor walas ​ , cobblers and postmen. NGP’s volunteers took the matter into their own hands and with assistance from the Progressive Education Network (PEN), conducted their own Mentorship Program which aimed not only to encourage these students to dream, but also to provide them with guidance on making their dreams achievable.

Millat Tractors

Millat Tractors is a Pakistani tractor manufacturer based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan since 1964.  It has made generous donations to NGO including Rs.50,000 for NGP’s summer internship project, Umeed School.

Harvard College Pakistani Students' Association

In 2019, the Harvard College Pakistani Students’ Association (HCPSA) announced its collaboration with NGP. All the proceeds from HCPSA’s cultural night were directed to NGP’s Project Quwat-e-Nisa, which focuses on women empowerment.